About Weeks

Your vacation ownership gives you access to a world full of vacation opportunities.

If you’ve decided not to return to your home resort and want to explore other vacation options, here’s how to use your week and your RCI® Subscribing Member benefits to enjoy other great vacation experiences.

STEP 1: Deposit your week
As soon as you know you’re not planning to return to your home resort, deposit your week. You can deposit your week up to two years in advance of its start date or as late as 14 days before the start. Depositing your week as soon as possible gives you more options, more time to plan, and increases your vacation options. Even if you’re not sure exactly what you’d like to do or where you might like to go, deposit your week and RCI will hold your deposit until you are ready to decide.

STEP 2: Search for your vacation
With your week deposited, now consider the vacation experience you want. Focusing on the experience first, rather than a specific destination or resort, will afford you many more options. Use the Directory to gather information on RCI’s affiliated resorts or click here to find additional details, pictures and member reviews of resorts you’re interested in.

STEP 3: Confirm your Exchange, then enjoy your vacation
Once a vacation match is found, you can exchange your deposited week either online or with a Vacation Guide to close your search and complete the transaction. You’ll receive a written confirmation from us, verifying the resort and your check-in date.

Sometimes a match for your request is available immediately. If not, start a convenient, personalized search for the vacation you want. Your request will be compared against newly deposited weeks as they enter the exchange system every day. Once you initiate a search, your work is done. There’s no need for you to check on the status of your request; we contact you as soon as a match is found.


Member Benefits


Great Deals on Vacation Rentals
Vacation rentals give RCI® Subscribing Members travel opportunities at popular destinations at great prices. You can enjoy an additional vacation without depositing a week. You’ll find accommodations for a full week’s vacation, a long weekend and last minute opportunities. And there’s no limit to how many rentals you can book as accommodations are routinely available.

The Cruise Experience
Your RCI® Subscribing Membership gives you access to wonderful cruise vacations. Unpack just once and let the destinations come to you! You can exchange your qualified vacation week toward the purchase of a cruise vacation or you can purchase a cruise for cash at best rate guarantee pricing (as set forth in RCI Cruise Terms and Conditions on cruiserci.com).

RCI® Elite Rewards® Credit Card
Designed exclusively for qualified RCI® Subscribing Members, the RCI Elite Rewards credit card program lets members earn Rewards on everyday purchases, with no annual fee. You can redeem Rewards for the things you enjoy, from the latest electronic gadgets to gift certificates for shopping, dining and entertainment. You can even redeem Rewards for RCI membership fees and services.

Endless Vacation® magazine and endlessvacation.com
Endless Vacation magazine’s alluring photographs and evocative text may inspire you to travel. Its wealth of useful service information helps you plan and enjoy your trips. Endless Vacation magazine also features specific information to help you make the most of your vacation ownership. Check out EndlessVacation.com to get insider info from fellow travelers, browse vacation photo galleries and read about some of the best vacations spots from around the world.

RCI® Guest Certificates
Looking for a unique gift that’s perfect for any occasion—the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary or a graduation? Give your family and friends the gift of vacation! RCI Subscribing Members are entitled to purchase Guest Certificates for just a small fee plus the exchange fee or the cost of the rental.

RCI® Cancellation Protection
Protect yourself and your vacation from unexpected, unavoidable changes in your travel plans. As an RCI Subscribing Member, you don’t have to worry about losing your week if you cancel your exchange vacation plans when you’ve taken advantage of RCI Cancellation Protection. Members who enroll protect their vacation.

RCI® Travel—your full-service travel agency
RCI Travel is a full-service travel agency that provides the assistance of a knowledgeable travel agent, plus member-only discounts on airfare, rental cars, hotel stays, vacation packages and more.